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Add-On Courses

Add-on Courses

Only undergraduate students are eligible to opt for Add-On-Courses.

A student can opt for only one Add-on course in one session.

Students must fill a separate form for Add-on course.

Private candidates are not allowed to opt for Add-on courses.

There is no provision for internal assessment in the evaluation of Add-on courses.

The course aims at helping the students in improving their communication skills, and enabling them to handle various situations that they might face in their careers ahead. Under this course we help them refurbish their skills, develop command over the language and as such enhance their overall personality.

This course enables the students to start their own independent Skin and Hair care clinics. After successful completion of the course, the students can take up jobs such as those of Clinic Managers, Skin and Hair Care Technicians, Weight Management experts etc. Since the Fashion Industry and Film Industry are growing to unimaginable heights, there is great scope for this course not only in India but also abroad.

In the recent times the field of journalism has also increased enormously and it is no longer restricted to black and white scripts. Its requirement in every newspaper / magazine makes print or picture reporting important. The news channels in Television and Documentary production also require the services of Video Reporters. The students having Video reporting as an add-on courses can opt for Mass Communication in their Masters program (available in the college) and thereby have better employment prospects.

The add-on course in the field of interior designing aims at making the students learn how to create practical and beautiful indoor environments, improving people’s lives at home and at work and protecting their health and safety. It makes them competent in taking independent assignments in designing home interiors, corporate offices, commercial establishments or Window Displays.

The add-on course in French offers multiple contexts to students for studying one of the most spoken languages in the world. The course is aimed to provide many experimental opportunities to master French language. This course focuses on speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as knowledge of Francophone cultures and skills of collaboration and critical thinking. This add-on course will make students avail career opportunities in sectors such as Tourism, Public Relations, Mass Communication, International Organizations, Translation, Interpretation etc.

The add-on course in Floriculture and Landscaping aims to impart knowledge on fundamentals of Floriculture, Nursery and seed production, cultivation practices, identification and protected cultivation of flowers. Students of the course will have familiarization of preparation of beds, plots and maintenance of gardens and lawns. On completion of this add-on course students can use their floriculture skills as specialists in Botanical Gardens. They can enter the field of Garden Designing to help in construction, planting and maintenance of public and private landscapes.