Celebrating Golden Years

Vision & Mission

Aims & Objectives

To adopt happiness and harmonious coexistence as defining goals of all our endeavours

To initiate micro journeys of personal transformation to bring about social transformation

To broaden the educational horizons and bring about a paradigm shift commensurate with the global standards of instruction while harnessing the advantages of digital revolution

To promote an intellectual environment which amalgamates the philosophy and practices from the rich legacy of ancient Indian wisdom with contemporary thought processes

To stimulate research temperament and provide an environment conducive to ethical, innovative and socially responsible research work

To generate a collaborative approach which manifests itself in free exchange of ideas and creativity, in a space where innovation, entrepreneurship and multicultural proficiency can flourish

To create an exemplary learning atmosphere blending academic rigour, scientific temper and practical life skills

To enhance engagement with the corporate and industrial sectors through fruitful industry-institute interface

To implement cutting edge technology that enhances pedagogy

To open vistas of self-learning for students, motivating them to be life-long learners

To vigorously nurture and facilitate sports talent to produce sportspersons with global competence

To focus on all aspects of character building and produce motivated, morally upright, ethically driven and socially sensitive responsible citizens

To foster a spirit of inclusiveness amongst stakeholders that embraces ethnic and cultural diversity and ensures a constructive empathy towards disadvantaged and vulnerable sections of society

To generate sensitivity towards environment, nature and biodiversity and work towards environmental resuscitation

To create a human resource that is robust, motivated and organized to be a meaningful asset to the nation

To promote physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being of stakeholders through the promotion of Yoga, fitness, sports and counselling

To provide accessible and effective physical, mental and emotional health support services

To inculcate a data-driven approach towards decision-making for key areas of institutional development

To strengthen alumni involvement and participation in all round institutional development

To provide quality education in quality ambience.

To make woman an ideal amalgamation of tradition and technology.

To create total quality culture with pro-active participation of the students.

To make curriculum more relevant and flexible with the use of innovative techniques & professional skills.

To create equal opportunities for education, research and employment for all.

To create young minds armed with knowledge and love for the nation.

To produce ideal citizens empowered for economic growth with a value system.

To endow our students with physical and spiritual strength and to produce sports persons with global competence.