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Women Development Cell

Women Development Cell


The Women Development Cell of Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women, Chandigarh is dedicated to promote social, legal, educational and health awareness and rights amongst women. The cell has primarily been established to address women’s personal and social issues and sensitize them towards the fundamentals of a healthy individual and social existence. The cell believes in the holistic development of women and advocates the principles of universal rights to education, health and sanitation as well as social, cultural and legal awareness for essential wellbeing. The cell comprises of faculty members from various departments of humanities, social sciences and sciences as well as the students of the college. The members of the cell are committed towards attaining its objectives of addressing various social, educational, legal and health issues amidst women as well as promoting charity work amongst the underprivileged sections of women. The principles of empowerment and inclusion of the rural, under-privileged and semi-urban strata of women through life learning skills and dissemination of education are the foundational cornerstones of the Women Development Cell.


Promoting holistic, individual and social development of women through educational and life skills.

Organizing various lectures, seminars and workshops for disseminating knowledge related to legal, social, cultural and health awareness.

Organizing educational visits to villages in and around Chandigarh and holding educative and interactive sessions with underprivileged women.

Empowerment of women by imparting education about the fundamentals of a holistic existence.

Upliftment of women by providing expert guidance on various social, legal, educational and health issues by inviting expert speakers from across various fields.

Facilitating a healthy interaction between students and rural/semi-urban/under-privileged/in order to promote charity and community service.

Dispelling myths, taboos and superstitions related to the social existence of women in Indian society.

Teaching Staff
Ms. Vandana Syal (Convener) 9463496340
Dr. Bindu Dogra 9872663614
Dr. Praerna Sharma
Mrs.Vandita Kapoor
Dr. Pooja Sharma
Dr. Ritu Khosla
Dr. Ritika Bansal
Dr. Leetika
Dr. Aanchal Batra
Dr. Nisha Dawra
Ms. Rati Arora
Ms. Sarvjit Kaur
Ms. Minakshi Rana

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Ms.Vandana Syal (Convener)    9463496340

Dr. Bindu Dogra   9872663614