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Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College Incubation Centre, Chandigarh


The National Innovation and Startup Policy for students and faculty of Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women, Chandigarh will enable the institute to actively engage faculty (teaching and non- teaching) and students in innovation and entrepreneurship related activities. The policy will specify the mechanism for the initiation of start-ups of the faculty and students under the agies of college authorities. The main focus of the strategy is not only to promote the innovation and entrepreneurial culture but also to safeguard the academic integrity and research environment of the college.


The vision of the National Innovation and Start-up Policy of the college is to provide entrepreneurship knowledge, encourage students for innovation & start-ups, and promote research for nation building at large.


The policy aims at enabling the college to build, streamline and strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the campus which will be instrumental in leveraging the potential of the scientific mind of the students towards creative problem solving and also promoting strong intra and inter-institutional partnerships with the ecosystem enablers and different stakeholders at regional, national and international levels. The entrepreneurial ecosystem in the college will play a key role in identifying, mentoring and nurturing the innovative and entrepreneurial fibre of the faculty and students by guiding them to transform into start-up entrepreneurs using various avenues of funding, investment and network building so as to make the venture successful.


The main objectives of the entrepreneurship policy will be as follows:

To provide a platform to the faculty and students to pursue their own ideas towards becoming partners in economic development process.

To build entrepreneurial culture in the institution.

To promote knowledge based and innovation driven enterprises.

To promote employment opportunities amongst students.

To offer platform for dynamic start-ups by motivating educated youth to consider entrepreneurship as a preferred and viable career.

To support early phase of entrepreneurship development including the pre-start up as well as early post start-up phase and growing enterprises.

To ensure adequate availability and flow of information to potential entrepreneurs, eliminate entry and exit barriers, create a business-friendly environment in order to reduce various kinds of unnecessary compliances and regulations.


This policy will cover and guide all the entrepreneurial activities of a student with bonafide credentials (undergraduate and post graduate), the alumni and faculty of the college.

StartUp Review Committee

Members of the review committee:

1. Principal/ Head of the institution

2. National Innovation and Start up cell Members

3. Two Entrepreneurs as notified by the college

4. Legal advisor of the institution

National Innovation and Start up cell Members are:

Dr. Kiran Jindal (Convener)

Dr. Arshdeep (Coordinator)

Dr. Vandana Sharma

Dr. Ritika Bansal

Dr. Nidhi Tanwar

Dr. Sunaina Jain

Dr. Nisha Dawra

Dr. Kiran Jindal

Dr. Arshdeep

Dr. Vandana Sharma

Dr. Ritika Bansal

Dr. Nidhi Tanwar

Dr. Sunaina Jain

Dr. Nisha Dawra