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Societies and Clubs Reports

Character Building Committee

Equipped with the right life skills and instilled with respect for our rich legacy, students should be groomed to apply the educational values to their day to day life thereby making their academic journey more relevant and meaningful. Character Building Committee was formed in October 2020 with a vision to develop unique character traits in students aligned with the dynamic objectives of education rooted in our cultural ethos. It involves engaging the students in learner centric activities to inculcate the qualities of resilience, interpersonal skills, effective communication, nationalism, spiritual perspective, analytical outlook, respect for constitutional values and environmental awareness. 

The objectives of the committee include fostering a global perspective among the students, learning about our rich heritage, developing communication skills, critically analyzing and applying the cumulated knowledge to day to day life, helping them become invaluable team members, creating awareness about our duties and constitutional values, appreciating diversity of our culture and respecting public property.

Character Building Activity Report 2021-22
Character Building Activity Report 2020-21

Foreign student Cell

Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College Chandigarh has always been a preferred destination in the region for foreign students aspiring for quality education to take up an array of programs across different disciplines. Our goal is to produce potential women from across the globe to face the challenges of the contemporary world. In the last five years, our institution has enrolled International students from different countries such as Afghanistan, Botswana, Bhutan, Nepal, Nigeria Srilanka, Swaziland, Thailand and Zimbabwe in various Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses. The student diversity on the campus provides an opportunity to expand the academic and learning horizon of the students. Most of the foreign students are sponsored by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, through different scholarship schemes. We consistently focus on the holistic development of International students by involving them in various clubs, cultural activities, sports, fine arts, etc., which promotes them to envisage beyond academics. We also ensure seats in the hostel for their safe and comfortable stay in our country if needed. Our institution has a designated Foreign students and Migration Cell to ensure the well-being of its foreign students.
Committee Members
Dr. Bindu Dogra (Dean Foreign Students’ and Migration Cell)
Dr. Ramandeep Kaur (Coordinator)
Dr. Amandeep Kaur (Member)
Ms. Richa (Member)

Activity Reports

Foreign Student Cell 2021-22
Foreign Student Cell 2020-21
Foreign Student Cell 2019-20
Foreign Student Cell 2018-19
Foreign Student Cell 2017-18
Foreign Student Cell 2016-17

Samavesh Committee

Samavesh began its journey in 2019 with an aim to keep students productively engaged during the lockdown through relevant and interesting quizzes. A number of students become a part of the program in which they could enroll and participate at the click of a button. The overwhelming response of students across the country prompted the organizers to make it a fully fledged program to train young minds and equip them to excel in personal as well as professional life.

Samavesh (2020) and Samavesh (2021) were then structured as test series of online tests during the lockdown to enable students to hone their skills in different topics which were relevant from the point of view of various competitive exams. The efforts crystalized and the Samavesh Committee was formed in the College in January 2022. The Committee now conducts an annual fully fledged program ‘Upgrade’ for the students of the college. ‘Upgrade’ is an elaborate and comprehensive series offering tests, study material and much more to students who wish to crack competitive exams and also begin their journey of responsible research. Each successive year, ‘Upgrade’ focuses on different competitive exams to meet the aspirations of students preparing for different competitive exams.

Samavesh is the assimilation or inclusion of various subjects under one roof to cater to the needs of students. On a deeper level, it also refers to the confluence of ideas where students and teachers strive for a common goal. The aspirants may also use the Multi Disciplinary Lab for their research endeavours. Also, the whatsapp group ‘Inspire Daily’ serves insightful quotes and lessons to keep them motivated every day.


Dr. Minakshi Rana (Convener)
Dr. Apara Sharma (Coordinator)
Dr. R.Ridhi (Coordinator)
Dr. Ritu Rani
Ms. Sahiba Sharma
Ms. Shabnam
Ms. Ruchika
Dr. Manika Kohli

Activity Reports

Samavesh Report 2022-2023
Samavesh Report 2021-2022
Samavesh Report 2020-2021
Samavesh Report 2019-2020