Celebrating Golden Years



NCC inculcates a spirit of discipline and patriotism amongst the students. It helps to broaden their outlook and develop the quality of leadership and spirit of fraternity. The college unit offers Army and Navy Wing.

To Join NCC Navy Wing fill this form before 8th October. https://forms.gle/gTgrjJPQVPDHzKFT6

To Join NCC Army wing, fill this form between 6th October to 13th October, 2020. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xG0MH2d_37xNOWO4NtI9D1j0hBxEkKZZvhM9JmkPOSg/edit?gxids=7757.


Students enrolled under NCC shall be required to attend minimum 40 parades in a session as per schedule.

NCC cadets must collect their uniform from the NCC in-charge at the beginning of the session.

The university roll numbers will not be issued unless the full uniform is deposited and all dues cleared.

It is compulsory to attend 40 parades plus 2 camps in order to appear for B & C certificate examinations, as demanded by NCC Directorate. However, student can attend more than the said number of camps.

Scholarship and Cash Awards

Awards and scholarship for NCC cadets of categories A, B and C are mentioned below :

Cash Award of Rs. 12,000/- is awarded to the most outstanding cadet by SAHARA INDIA through NCC units.

The Best Cadet Award by the NCC Directorate.

Special Recognition to the Best Cadet from the college for each wing.

Special prizes to national achievers in NCC.

Job Opportunities

Special seats FOR ‘C’ Certificate holders in Army, Air Force and Navy

Quota for cadets in multi-nationals

Quota or weight age for admission in professional colleges and universities.

Adventure Opportunities

Cadets explore India during various Trekking expeditions. They are sensitized to Indian diversity in All India Leadership and Republic Day Camps.

Youth Exchange Programme

Students are sent to different states of India and abroad under these programmes after attending Republic Day Parade.