Celebrating Golden Years

Lasting Impressions

Lasting Impressions

एमसीएम डीएवी महाविद्यालय के दीक्षांत समारोह ( 43 वां ) में सम्मिलित होकर मल्लविद्यालय के बारे में जो जाना वह सब शिक्षण संस्थाओं के लिए अनुकरणीय है। यंहा की सब क्षेत्रों में उपलब्धियां उत्कृष्ट एवं प्रशंसनीय हैं। प्रतिवर्ष 1064 छात्राओं में से लगभग 827 प्रथम श्रेणी में उत्तीर्ण होना तथा शत प्रतिशत परिणाम यंहा की उत्कृष्टता को स्वयं प्रमाणित करता है। महाविद्यालय के प्रगति की कामना करते हुए मैं स्टाफ एवं छात्राओं को शुभकामनाये प्रेषित करते हुए उज्जवल भविष्य की कामना करता हूँ।

Professor Kaptan Singh Solanki

Hon’ble Governor of Panjab and Haryana and

Administrator of U.T., Chandigarh

I applaud the college for its all round achievements. This is the best convocation I have attended. I congratulate the college management, Principal, staff and students.

His Excellency Sh. Shivraj Patil

Former Governor of Punjab & Administrator UT

I have very rarely seen such talent and enthusiasm in the students. If the college has a name in country it is all because of the students and the opportunities given to the students by a well trained staff.

Shri Rajinder Nath,

Vice President DAV CMC New Delhi.

Good ambience which is eco-friendly. Excellent results in academic subjects, sports and cultural activities. An example of ideal college for girls.

Padamshree Dr. S. K. Sama

Vice President DAV CMC New Delhi.

A place where I can visualize the footsteps leading to the future of India. It is the wisdom and understanding of women which can carve out a safe and peaceful world for us.

Shri Kapil Sibal

Former Union Minister of Communication & IT

I had an occasion to deliver the convocation address today in the prestigious college of India. DAV institutes have their special place in the education map of our country. MCM DAV Girls College is one such institute. Keep it up.

Mrs. Sushma Swaraj

Hon’ble Union Minister of External Affairs

I am very impressed with this great institution.

Shri Arun Jaitley

Hon’ble Union Minister of Finance

It’s my privilege to be in MCM DAV College. My best wishes with the college Principal, faculty members and students. I congratulate college for bringing 15th rank in All India ranking of India Today. Keep it up.

Mrs Geeta Bhukkal,

Former Education Minister, Haryana

A great institution offers avenues in a wide variety of disciplines. It is a fairly well equipped with all modern facilities. I wish everybody here the very best.

Hon’ble Mr Justice Ranjan Gogoi

Supreme Court of India

I am really delighted and feel privileged to be here in this college on a Convocation Day. The contribution of this institution in women’s education and women empowerment is unparallel and unique. I wish all the best to you and am confident that the crusade shall continue with same zeal and vigour.

Hon’ble Mr Justice A K Sikri

Supreme Court of India

A well accomplished institution for girls. Truly Inspiring.

Shri Upamanyu Basu,

Financial Advisor, UGC New Delhi

Absolutely splendid show. Literazia has been organised superbly by this prestigious institution which is the pride of the City Beautiful. My compliments to all the participating students, faculty and the able Principal DrBedi for the innovative presentation.

Sh. Vijay Kumar Dev, IAS

Advisor to the Administrator, Chandigarh Administration

MCM DAV College for Women is an all women institution known in the area for imparting the best of education. The girl students are taught and groomed very nicely making the best of the citizens out of them. My best wishes to the Principal, Faculty and the students for making their Institute as the Best Women’s College in the region.

Sh. Sandeep Hans, PCS

Director Higher Education, Chandigarh

When women take charge, development is bound to happen as they have a deeper influence on the society.

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji

It was an exhilarating experience to see the blend of tradition and modernity depicted in every aspect of functioning of this institution.

Dr Lata Pillai

Advisor, NAAC (Bangalore)

The Seminar has been a wonderful team effort by staff and students of MCM DAV College and they have shown that they can handle a large international gathering with ease. The college itself is remarkably impressive with its spacious, natural surroundings, happy students and especially the colourful and wonderful art which surrounds the campus.

Prof. R.S. White

Dept. of English and Cultural Studies, University of Western Australia, Crawley, Australia.

This has been a magical and humbling experience. Magical for the land, the spirit, the people; humbling for the generosity, the kindness, the energy.

Prof. Stuart Sillars

Dept. of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen, Norway.

I was deeply humbled and honoured to visit this wonderful and historic institution. The faculty and students welcomed me with warmth, and their questions were thought provoking and spirited.

Ms Shirley Wajda

American Studies Expert & Historian

What an impressive college and what dedicated leadership and faculty members. I thoroughly enjoyed our interaction.

Mr David Mees

Cultural Attaché, American Centre, Delhi

Student Feedback

As I completed this course, offered by one of the top most Universities in the world, I realised something so amazing that I just HAD to share this with you all.
Athough the structure and purpose of this particular course was different from our happiness intervention and so I do not want to make an attempt to compare these two. And also because both the courses have equally benefitted me
But I felt like sharing one thing with all you amazing people –
That while I was reading the material they had given or watching videos regarding what they had to say about well-being , I was CONSTANTLY reminded of THIS intervention because believe me, all of us are VERY LUCKY to have already covered everything in our intervention that this course, which is ranked no. 1 on Coursera talks about!! Isn’t that amazing!!
Rather, because of their structure, they only focused on few things- meditation, physical exercise, savouring, gratitude, building social connection, etc. and few other techniques regarding how to implement these in day to day life, but in our own intervention we covered WAY MORE, like learning how to be assertive, building goals, having a growth mindset, getting over our limiting beliefs and a lot more
Also, it’s very important for me to share that I felt that the way it was done in our intervention was very similar to how Yale presented and structured it’s course. Rather, ours was lot more vibrant because of the amazing people who conducted it, took part in it and naturally, because it was face-to-face.
Akanksha ma’am, Unman ma’am, Amanat Di, Ravtesh Di, HATS OFF to you all for giving us life skills that have the power to transform our lives completely. The efforts you made were mind blowing and believe me, I still sometimes go back to the worksheets and my journal to deal with few things in life. Not just that, I have shared how to implement these life skills with so many of my friends who were in distress and they always say that these tools and techniques are going to be with them for so many other life situations
The point I am trying to make is that the EFFORTS all of you put in ARE ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL, way more than what A TOP MOST UNIVERSITY put in
I am sure you are thinking of taking this further, but please may I suggest one thing- the number of people enrolled in Yale’s course show how much there is need for people to learn how to be happy and all of you already have an amazing intervention in place, which is tried and tested, can we think of taking it online too because why not 😛
During these testing times, people really need such a positivity infused course, so if we cannot currently conduct it offline, can we make a plan to conduct it online?
It’s a one time investment, I think since the course can always stay there and people can get help at all times.
Having, said that, I know it’s not a one day thing because usually to take a course online, even college authorities have to be involved, so whatever the situation be, I just want to tell all that we are very lucky to have taken this amazing course and to again say thank you to all the four of you. We know you also made so many sacrifices to give so much time to us, and I miss you all a little more today


MA-II Psychology

(Session 2019-20)

I whole heartedly agree with Stuti, the course covered so many topics that were taught to us in our happiness intervention like, savouring taught so wonderfully to us by Unman ma’am, concepts of gratitude, joy and signature strengths by Ravtesh di and Amanat di and meditation with Akanksha ma’ams calming voice among so much more
I saw the exact same pie diagram Akanksha ma’am told us in our first session, of our conscious actions and thoughts contributing and being a part of 40% of our happiness, our circumstances (ie everything outside of our own self) being only 10% and 50% of it being our genetic set point, and how our happiness is in our hands
I’m still on week 7, there have been more than 2 million enrollments in this first online Yale University course, I realised that it’s another thing attending an online course and watching lectures and reading the study material and doing the rewirements and another thing having what we had in our intervention, I don’t think it can be compared at all to what we had, what you all gave us
Amanat di, Akanksha ma’am, Ravtesh di and Unman ma’am, all of you made such a huge difference, with all the consistent effort and the worksheets, sessions where we actually opened up and helped each other come out of things stronger, happiness intervention has been one of the best decisions by far, you guys have made it so worth it, from tapping meditations to core beliefs to techniques of grounding and assertiveness, the intervention really covered so, so much more😊
being told scientific and research studies is not the same as having such positive role models help us put these practices, tools and techniques into practice, you made the content so, so much more relatable for us, explained it in such an easy way, being full of positive energy in every single class, you kept us all so motivated and like Stuti said, REALLY TRANSFORMED OUR LIVES, seriously hats off, we really should consider ourselves so lucky for having an opportunity like this
All this being said,
I would love to pitch in Stuti!! I can’t wait to have a few more sessions, I hope we can have an online session if possible, it would be really amazing to finally see everyone again after so long and catch up!!



(Session 2019-20)

Overall the college is great infrastructure I opted for this college due to many factors. college which provides you scope for extra activities /courses . You can even manage to do professional course . It’s situated In one of the best city of India. life is amazing , climate and food is one of the factor you get as a bonus and lastly it’s worth your money. The fee structure is very low and I consider MCM to be the best option for an undergraduate course Placement cell is quite good average package goes 4 to 5 lacs still companies are visiting for more and more. My seniors are great even if I don’t know them they are always ready to help me plus there isn’t a single spot of ragging they are very helpful and caring and they even host various events classes and workshop for freshers We got the best faculty here they are well qualified and all of them hold professional degrees and they are blessed with knowledge. Down to earth and friendly teachers you can clarify all your doubts from professional to personal they’ll always force you to step up. Yes college do provide internships constantly engage yourself in lots of interships. It’s s famous for its events and activities each day is something new and exciting for you. Sometimes there’s a fest a flash mob some sort.

Ranjana Yadav


Roll no 10169

"I remember when I was entering my first year of college in 2008, I was extremely excited but at the same time extremely nervous. Reflecting back on the whole experience now, I would encourage incoming students to recognize that like anything in life, you'll face both ups and downs throughout your college experience. The important thing to remember is to always try your best and not let the instances where you may have fallen short hold you back from continuing to work hard and reach your full potential. Speaking more specifically about MCM, it is a massively rich campus with both great teachers and amazing opportunities especially industrial trainings. The training opportunity that I availed during my 2nd year of MFT course directed me to the next steps of my career. My passion to clear ICAR exam and enter NDRI’s masters degree program was initiated during one month training program in NDRI. I encourage all current students in MCM to think of this as a new beginning. Embrace every opportunity for growth that comes your way and when you find something you're passionate about, persist. Take these next few years to really make the most of it."

Nancy Awasti
Sensory Scientist
Lactalis American Group
Buffalo, New York, USA

It’s a matter of great pride for her company-ShriShiksha, to be represented on such a grand global platform in the presence of the most esteemed nobilities from India and the US - Ambassador Wisner, Ambassador Kenneth Juster, Ambassador Judy Reinke, Commercial Officers and Consul Generals. 

Mr Kapil Kaul (Immediate Past President-IACC) led this amazing delegation with exemplary vitality. She is exulting in this win and looking forward to working towards strengthening the relationship between the two democracies.

This is Tavishi, an alumnus of Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV, College for Women Chandigarh, having university id: 4501. I recently received my degree from the campus. I am a part of this college since 2019. I did my BBA here.

I am very grateful to the college for all the support and encouragement I have received for my entrepreneurial venture.

The college helped me realise my potential and partnered with me on various occasions to support my start-up. I want to sincerely thank principal ma’am, Dr Nisha Bhargava for the endless backing she provided me throughout my college years. I also thank all teachers, campus staff and management from the core of my heart for the wonderful and knowledgeable time I have spent at the college.

It will be a great pleasure if I could help the college in any regard for its betterment.

Thank you and everyone once again.


Tavishi Kumar

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