Celebrating Golden Years


AMDA (Association of MCM DAV Alumni)

The College has had healthy informal links with its alumni ever since its inception. However a formal and organized shape was given to the concept in December 2004. Initially christened at MAC (MCM Alumni Club), the organization was renamed as AMDA in 2005. The motto of AMDA, ‘To Care, To share’, encompasses the spirit of AMDA. It is expected that there is mutual caring and sharing between the college and its alumni as also amongst the Alumni.


It is the Vision of AMDA to create and foster meaningful connectivity between the Alumni and its alma mater as also amongst themselves. Further, AMDA seeks to make the institution and its alumni a force for bringing about positive changes in the community at large.

Aims & Objectives

With a view to achieve its vision AMDA has set for itself the following goals –

To create and update on a continual basis, the database of alumni of the college.

To create an ambience for voluntary, open communication between the alumni and the college then to chalk out and implement programs of mutual benefit.

To provide a platform for discussion and action on the crucial local, national and international issues and problems.

To achieve its objectives, AMDA seeks cooperation of its members in every possible way….by way of information, finances, time skills etc.

Register as Alumna

Fill the form for alumni registration  (http://admissions.mcmdav.com/alumnilogin)

 Mail us at:  mcmalumni.amda @gmail.com .

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Connect with Us

AMDA would like to facilitate a good functional networking amongst all its alumni so that they can be in touch with one another.

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Share a Story

As the years roll by, we all have experiences that are worth sharing. If you feel there is a story that can inspire, or is touching at some level or has been a life changing event, you may post at this mail mcmalumni.amda @gmail.com. If you wish to share any of your achievement, that too may be sent at the same email id.