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Super Donuts looking for College Ambassadors

Dear Students,
Super Donuts is looking out for “College Ambassadors” for their brand for students who are looking out for an exposure.

Eligible Streams: First Year students of all streams of UG and PG.

About the company: The story of the American Eatery, Super Donuts began with a dream to bring about an experience to get people excited for food. Back in UK, Mr. Ketan Kalra, the founder of Super Donuts, came across a long queue of customers outside a doughnut selling shop. This is an incident which sparked the motivation in him to transport this scene to his country and his city. A determination to do something different and a master vision for delivering food experience and quirks like none other, led to the launch of Super Donuts in September 2012. The goal has always revolved around delivering a beautiful experience and an aim for every customer to have a delicious conversation with food. As a team we are always on the go to deliver the best. Curating new experiences, coming up with a variety of flavours, introducing never heard of delicacies, we’re always driving to the results of amazement. In order bring forth the best, all our raw materials are sourced from Europe. The goal is not just delivering food, but delivering an experience associated with the food. What started as a dream, has amassed popularity and become a household name through sheer dedication and hard work. Our goals have always driven us towards pushing ourselves in being top notch in the very competitive food sector. Over the past 9 years Super Donuts has expanded overmultiple cities and has become the real face of donuts and eatery. The brand now dominates the current market with exquisite products and new offerings. We look forward for our customers to really relish in what we have to offer, and for Super Donuts to carry on the legacy of being your go-to wonderland filled with hopes and dreams and clouds of sunshine!

Role: Brand Ambassador
Job Role:
1. Connecting with Student Groups
2. Distribute product for trials.
3. Represent brands at various events.
4. Serve as the point of contact for orders from your university.
5. Earn commission from orders you oversee.
6. Build brand awareness.
7. Covering stalls at fairs/exhibitions/events.
8. Building a presence at sporting events or parties.
9. Posting on social media.
10. Brainstorming ideas to drive awareness and increase sales on campus.
11. Providing feedback on products or services.

Note: This will be a stipend-based opportunity.

How to apply: Interested candidates must register at https://forms.gle/toLvyFqSdiKNZERH7

And join the WhatsApp group https://chat.whatsapp.com/K08Xd4P4j8l79GU61h0bC

Last date to register: 8th May 2022

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